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🚨 Alert! Come join us at our “Join The Trail” Open House event for Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls

When: August 29th, 6:30pp

Where: Forest Meadow Baptist Church, 9150 Church Rd, Dallas, TX 75234 (Google Maps link)

Perhaps you’ve learned some about us through our website here, but I encourage you and your son(s) to attend our next non-overnight event to truly experience the Trail Life difference. We have weekly meeting on the first three Tuesday nights of the month, 7:00pm (See our EVENTS CALENDAR for location). This is a good time for your sons to actually be involved with other boys their age, our Trailmen, in the weekly program, as well as allow you to ask questions of our leadership to address any concerns you may have. Please read the outline below, or simply come to our next meeting and we’ll take it from there!

Joining Troop 147:

  1. Visit Us:
    • First, Second or Third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm (See our EVENTS CALENDAR for location details)
  2. Fellowship:
    • Observe your son interacting with other boys in the weekly program plan, and spend time in fellowship with the other leaders/adults who can really help you understand Troop 147’s unique culture.
  3. Decide:
    • Joining a troop is an important commitment, so take time to discuss this with your family.
  4. Register
    • You can register online at THIS LINK, you will register yourself as an adult, and then the form will ask for youth information.
    • Fees: There is a $30 (approximately) yearly fee for each registered boy and adult. We require all boys and fathers (or primary guardian) to register as a part of Troop 147.
  5. Welcome