Troop Policies

In addition to the policies like 2-Deep Leadership, Health & Safety Protection, CYSPT Youth Safety Protection Training, Criminal Background Checks for any Registered Adult/Leader, and other policies put in place by Trail Life USA Home Office, we also have created some local troop policies specific to our culture.

  • Adult Male-Leader Involvement:
    • Troop 147 has a strong belief that adult men and the fathers play a key role in shaping these young men’s character in a way that truly helps in immeasurable ways. This is reflected in the fact that we have over 90% father involvement in the troop.
    • While we request that all fathers be present, we realize that some children may not have a father present in the home. In these cases, an uncle or grandfather would be desirable, but single-mothers are welcome to drop-off their children as well. We will take your child into the fold, and our other male adult leaders will guide him as we would our own sons. In short, all boys are welcome; but if a father is present, then he is requested to attend and contribute to the program and his sons discipleship.
    • Adult leaders without children involved are also welcome to be a part of Troop 147. We believe there is a big difference between a Christian Daycare and a Christ-centered character building program for young men. Trail Life is the latter.
  • No-Device Policy:
    • We have a no-device policy that extends not only to campouts, but also our weekly meetings.
    • This includes smartphones, tablets, gamepads, etc including any other electronic device that would distract from the planned curriculum. Wrist-watches are allowed.
    • While such devices can offer educational value to an extent, Trail Life USA is a place for you and your son(s) to get away from these distractions, and focus on allowing the Bible-based lessons to take root, while enjoying God’s gift of creation, especially during campouts and other outdoor activities.
    • This policy starts at the door/entry to out meetings, so please leave these devices in the car or at home.
    • This policy applies to the boys, not the adults. At meetings and on campouts, adults of course may carry their smartphones and Trailmen can request to use them in case of emergencies.
  • Apparel: Both adults and boys are required to keep their appearance honoring to God and the appropriate uniform level for the activity (Class A, B or C – see above). Whether at a meeting, campout or other activity, inappropriate t-shirts as well as sagging/excessively torn clothing will not be permitted. For a given event, a leader or boy may be asked to change their attire. Each Trailman is a reflection of not only of the Trail Life USA organization and Troop 147, but also a representative of the one and only God we serve and adore.
    • Uniforms:
      • Class A (Full Dress Uniform): Worn at weekly meetings, award ceremonies, and most fundraising events. Class A includes official Trail Life USA dress uniform shirt, shoulder loops, pants, belt and socks (hat optional).
      • Class B (Partial Dress Uniform): Entails the dress uniform shirt with at least one other missing dress component. Class B is called on rarely.
      • Class C (Informal Uniform): Entails the Trail Life Polo or Troop 147 T-shirt. These are meant to be used during more informal days on campouts, some Hit The Trail activities, or worn during summer fundraising events.
    • For anyone wanting more Trail Life USA branded apparel, check out the official store link here: Trail Life USA – Store
  • Local Program Cost:
    • Troop 147 requests a $50 yearly fee to help cover activities, curriculum material, and other program costs. Click HERE to use a credit card or pay via cash/check at a meeting.
  • Adults (Ages 18+):
    • No Troop Dues are required for adults; however any registered leader will still be subject to the $30 registration fee from Home Office.

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