Trail Life USA Crypto

The Trail Life USA, TLUSA, defi (decentralized finance) self-generating liquidity token was created to enhance the outdoor adventure and character-building organization by the same name. Trail Life USA creates an environment where a boy’s assertive, audacious, and adventurous nature is celebrated, not sequestered.

The TLUSA token is meant to supplement this program’s curriculum, events and other activities, through real world application in a variety of ways. Some examples might be:

  • Accept troop dues or event fees via TLUSA token
  • Awards for special achievements (extra-curricular)
  • Long-term investment holders
  • Digital Keepsake
  • Donations

When was the TLUSA token created?

  • November 2021

Where can I get it?

  • You can buy TLUSA token on PancakeSwap, a digital exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap other BSC tokens for their desired target token.
  • Note: In order for a transaction to go through, you may need to tap the gear icon, and set the “slippage” percentage to 12%
  • Beginner Video Tutorial <coming soon>

What is the official Contract ID?

  • 0xE67A6c02E832529fBE0FE6c38F33129577EBd4F7

How does this benefit the Trail Life USA organization?

  • 10% of the total supply is set aside, as a tithe, for the organization. That’s a total of 10,000,000,000,000 tokens that have been reserved for a wallet address belonging to the Trail Life USA Home Office.
  • At the request of Trail Life USA home office, the reserved 10% stake will be transferred to the organization’s wallet address.

What network does the Trail Life USA token make use of?

  • The TLUSA token is a BSC token (Binance Smart Chain) with a BEP-20 format. This format was chosen over the ERC20/Ethereum type of token, due to high Ethereum gas (transaction) fees. To buy, sell or trade, you only need to pay fractions of what it costs to trade ETH-based tokens, as the fees are minimal.

Who is the creator/developer of the TLUSA token?

  • Troopmaster Roberts, from Trail Life USA Troop TX-147 (Troop Dallas) is the creator of the token. His vision is that the token will be used in conjunction with real-world actions within the Trail Life USA program and generally among its membership.
  • As the TLUSA token is bought and swapped over the coming years, it will gain value on the decentralized cryptocurrency market. This gain can be realized in donations to Trail Life USA through the automatic reward/burn feature built into this token.

How is the token “self-generating”?

  • Like a black hole, the TLUSA token will deflate itself in supply with every transaction ensuring its value.
  • In layman’s terms: With every purchase transaction someone makes, a set of other actions takes place, including rewarding existing holders with additional tokens. Percentage allocations and their correlating actions are described below:
    • 3% fee auto-added to the liquidity pool to be locked forever
    • 2% fee auto-distributed to all holders (proportionately based on existing holdings)
    • 50% supply was burned at start, for an initial reduction of 500,000,000,000,000 tokens (Tx Info here)

How do we know this is on the up and up?

  • You can read Troopmaster Roberts’ wishes and intents above, but if that is not enough, then the source code of the token contract has been made fully transparent on the GitHub project TLUSA-token. Also, contract verification has taken place through BSCScan, which provides transparency for the entire public to scrutinize the details, if desired.

Who are the current holders?

  • A chart and list of all holders can be found here: TLUSA Holders Chart
  • The creator/developer address containing the original supply AND the additional 10% Trail Life USA stake is contained at the address beginning with ‘0x7be3

Where can I learn more?

BSC Scan

  • Contains general information about the token contract, holders, recent transactions, and more.

DEXTools Chart

  • Contains current trades, volume, market cap, and other information about the token.