Woodlands Trail

WOODLANDS TRAIL (K-5TH)WoodlandsTrail-2

The Woodlands Trail is for Kindergarten through 5th Grade:

  • Foxes – Kindergarten to 1st grade
  • Hawks – 2nd to 3rd grade
  • Mountain Lions – 4th to 5th grade

More Information: http://www.traillifeusa.com/who-we-are/for-youth/

“Six F’s” to Each Meeting

  • Focus – Program theme
  • Fingers – Hands on activity
  • Fun – Enjoyable Activity
  • Family – Extending the lesson to the home
  • Forest Badge – Skill leaves completed during meeting towards advancement program
  • Faith – Exploring biblical themes related to meeting theme


  • Earn leaves based on attendance, participation in activities/projects (individual or group), mastering skills
  • Leaves fill each of seven branches of interest
  • Upon completing all seven branches over the course of (roughly) two years, earn the Forest Award for that level (Fox, Hawk, Mountain Lion)

Seven branches of interest – collect leaves on each branch to earn branch award:

  1. Heritage
  2. Hobbies
  3. Life Skills
  4. Outdoor Activities
  5. Pioneering Skills
  6. Science and Technology
  7. Values (faith)

Annual Program Calendar delineates:

  • Number of meetings planned for that month,
  • Monthly Theme
  • Program Emphasis (Wisdom, Teamwork, Heritage, Faith, Character, Leadership, etc.)
  • Branch award emphasis (Life Skills, Hobbies, etc.)

Additional Award beyond Mountain Lion

  • Timekeepers Award – learning about principles of biblical manhood
    • To live boldly and avoid being passive
    • To live responsibly
    • To lead courageously
    • To live for greater rewards of God
  • Based on book by Robert Lewis “Raising a Modern Day Knight” (used with permission by Focus on the Family)

Fort Griffin State Historic Site

The essentials: Hiking,  hunting and hotdogs!

“Holding command over the Southern Plains, Fort Griffin served as one in a line of western defensive forts from 1867 to 1881. Remnants of the fort remain today at Fort Griffin State Historic Site, which is also home to the Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd and offers camping, fishing, hiking, stargazing and living history.” – (Source: visitfortgriffin.com)

2014 FUNDING (tentative): $55 per non-hunting scout* (add hunting license/costs if applicable)

2014 3-DAY ITINERARY (October):

  • DAY 1 (Friday): Departure – Travel from Dallas, TX to Albany, TX + Setup Camp
  • DAY 2: Morning – Dove Hunt, Afternoon – Fishing, Evening – Campfire Bible Study
  • DAY 3 (Sunday): Activities TBD + Return – Travel from Albany, TX to Dallas, TX.

*All scouts/leaders are also welcome to participate as non-hunters.  Any non-hunter will not be allowed to wield or fire a shotgun while on the dove hunt, but he can still attend under the supervision of adult leadership.

As with all Troop 147 trips, electronics stay home, other than the troop’s emergency cell phone that will be kept handy by an adult leader. This is a time for the troop to get away from the distractions that separate us from nature. We will bond with one another through daily activities and then recenter with a nightly campfire bible study.