High Adventure Base: Taos, New Mexico

What sets Troop 147 apart? Actually, we believe it is our devotion to Bible-infused outdoor adventure; however, one may argue that a close second is our exclusive High Adventure trip to Taos, New Mexico (early-Summer).

8-DAY ITINERARY (June 16-23, 2018):

  • DAY 1 (Saturday): Depart from Dallas, TX.
  • DAY 2 (Sunday): Family Fun /Prep Day in Taos, NM.
  • DAY 3-6 (Monday – Thursday): Trailmen leave families behind in city, setting up base camp for primitive camping and backpacking in Carson National Forest. Reunite with families back in the city on Thursday night.
  • DAY 7 (Friday): Family Fun /Rest Day in Taos, NM.
  • DAY 8 (Saturday): Depart from Taos, NM.

Families will sleep in one or two fully furnished homes, both on the same street near eachother (electricity, running water, showers, etc.) located in the historic district of Taos, NM. These homes have been graciously provided by one of the trailmen’s grandparents for our use. While the whole family is invited and the trip is book-ended with a nice place for the Trailmen and their families to spend some time together; Trailmen (boys and adults) will spend the majority of the adventure properly ‘roughing it’ in Carson National Forest. This is a time for the troop to bond as patrols, and come away with a very memorable and lasting experience they will take with them when returning to Dallas. Primitive camping, hiking, fishing, devotional time in nature, etc; while also providing time for the rest of the family members to fellowship from the comfort of civilization in the city of Taos, NM.

As with all Troop 147 trips, electronics stay home, so we can truly connect with God’s wonderful creation and each other. Exceptions made of course for fathers/guardians to use cell phones and radios for necessary/emergency contact.