High Adventure Base: Taos, New Mexico

What sets Troop 147 apart? Actually, we believe it is our devotion to Bible-infused scouting; however, one may argue that a close second is our exclusive High Adventure Base trip to Taos, New Mexico (early-Summer).  From fishing to hiking, canoeing and camping; this trip has it all.

2014 FUNDING (tentative): $475 per scout

2014 9-DAY ITINERARY (Late May / Early June):

  • DAY 1 (Friday): Departure – Travel from Dallas, TX to Taos, NM
  • DAY 2-7: Various overnight camping spots and day-hikes throughout the mountains.
  • DAY 9 (Saturday): Return – Travel from Taos, NM to Dallas, TX.

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For the nights on days 1 and 8, the troop compliment will sleep in a fully functional/furnished house (electricity, running water, showers, etc.) located in the historic district in Taos, NM. This house has been provided for our use solely at the discretion of one of the contributing families for Troop 147.  While the trip is book-ended with a nice place for the crew to prepare/recuperate; the majority of the ten-day adventure is spent properly ‘roughing it’ in the mountains or along the rivers of Taos, New Mexico.

As with all Troop 147 trips, electronics stay home, other than the troop’s emergency cell phone that will be kept handy by an adult leader. This is a time for the troop to get away from the distractions that separate us from nature. We will revel in the beautiful mountain country that God has given us, bond with one another through daily activities and then recenter with a nightly campfire bible study.