American Heritage Girls

Learn more about a new American Heritage Girls troop hoping to form in North Dallas soon!

Mission: Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.

Oath: “I promise to love God, cherish my family, honor my country, and serve in my community.”

  • American Heritage Girls (AHG) began 25 years ago with one troop in Ohio started by Patti Garibay. The goal was to provide a faith-based character building & adventure program for girls.
  • The program emphases are Faith, Leadership, Citizenship, Social & Emotional, Life Skills, & Outdoors.
  • Trail Life USA began in 2013 and partnered with AHG. Their structure and some of the programming is based off of AHG.
  • Program Levels
    • Pathfinder 5-6
    • Tenderheart 6-9
    • Explorer 9-12
    • Pioneer 12-14
    • Patriot 14-18
  • Badge Frontiers
    • Heritage
    • Family Life
    • The Arts
    • Outdoor Skills
    • Science & Technology
    • Personal Well-Being

Sample Badges from the Handbooks for Different Program Levels (click to see PDF detail):

Practical Info for Our New Troop

  • Calendar/Schedule:
    • We will meet at the same time and in the same location as TLUSA TX-0147.
      • Currently, that schedule is the first, second, and third Tuesdays from 7-8pm at The Park Christian Community Church, since our meeting location in Lake Highlands was affected by the winter storm in February.
      • We are hoping to meet at a new location in North Dallas starting next school year.
    • The leadership team will plan the rest of our troop calendar together to include activities such as campouts, weekend events/day trips, a fundraiser, etc.
  • Costs:
    • TX-0147 has offered to pay the $500-600 start-up costs for this AHG troop. What a blessing!
    • $35 registration fee per girl (capped at $90 per family)
    • $35 parent registration fee
    • Uniforms & Handbook: $30-75 + navy/khaki bottoms
      • Class A Uniforms:
        • Pathfinder (5-6): t-shirt, necklace, navy bottoms
        • Tenderheart (6-9): white polo, red vest, navy neckerchief, navy bottoms
        • Explorer (9-12): white polo, navy vest, red neckerchief, navy/khaki bottoms
        • Pioneer (12-14): white polo, navy sash, navy/khaki bottoms
        • Patriot (14-18): red polo, navy sash, navy/khaki bottoms
      • Class B Uniforms: $10 AHG t-shirt, navy/khaki/jeans bottoms.
    • We will not charge annual dues starting out, but we will have some occasional “per participant” activity costs.
    • There will likely be a fundraiser in the fall to establish a budget which will hopefully cover troop fees as well as subsidize family costs such as activities and uniforms.
  • Needs:
    • Active participation to help the girls as they learn.
    • Volunteers to rotate weekly teaching responsibilities.
    • Two-deep leadership covered for each separate group.
    • In order to start the process of forming the troop, we need volunteers for two more Core Leadership Positions: Vice Coordinator and Troop Shepherd. Troop Coordinator, Charter Rep, & Treasurer are already filled.
    • If you would like to discuss the need for core leadership volunteers, please contact us. We’re happy to answer questions and talk about responsibilities as we are following God’s plan to build our leadership team.
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