BSA Rank Comparison

Some of you may be wondering how the rank comparison matches up between Trail Life and the Boy Scouts of America. Or, perhaps you are a Boy Scout and are are curious how your work so far in the BSA will transfer over into Trail Life. Troop 147 honors the official rank-match system as outlined by the Trail Life USA organization. See the image below for a side-by-side comparison of both advancement programs:


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Trail Life has made it easy for scouts to transfer from BSA into the program.  In this way, the scout does not feel that he is losing any ground, and can still apply his skills and knowledge from his BSA years to his remaining achievement path in the Trail Life program.  Troop 147 believes in fostering a dialog with members coming from local Boy Scout Troops.  Also, Troop 147 offers the full range of the Trail Life USA program, from ages 5 through 24, plus adult leadership.

If you are currently involved in the Cub Scout or BSA program but interested in Trail Life, then please do Contact Us. You can also email us directly via [email protected].