Right now, Trail Life USA is in its beginnings, so we feel that our Troop should be as open as possible in regarding to our formation. We believe that transparency of information is a good thing at this stage, and will do our best to pass on any information as it happens:


  • April 2014: Come to our Meet & Greet session on April 21st. READ MORE HERE
  • March 2014: We are officially chartered! Our official Troop number is registered with Trail Life USA as TX-0147. Troop 147 is live! This is a huge success, and involved a lot of back-end work for the past few months on the part of the leadership team. We will begin meeting soon, so check back here for the official first meeting/launch date.
  • January 2014: We are currently in the process of securing troop leadership and recruiting scouts.  This is where you come in! Contact Us today if you would like to join.
  • December 2013: We submitted the initial charter paperwork process for Troop 147 and received confirmation of receipt from Trail Life USA.